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Click Image: Is he a narcissist or psychopath? Dark Disorder

Click Image: Is he a narcissist or psychopath? Dark Disorder
Click Image: Same disorder of personality and brain: others do not matter and deserve theft and harm

Friday, February 24, 2017

Pt 4 & 5:Theft by the bully, narcissist, Trump, Bannon, Priebus

And, to get what they want, use any story to sell a falsehood leading to theft: deceit and lies. In fact, in history, the Narcissistic Personality Disorder adventurer is out to lie to kill tribes or steal their treasures, women, or children.

To a lesser degree, we have the tiny fox, that is stealing chickens and eggs from the Hen House.  It might seem innocent, but the fox nature is out of its element and cast into proximity with humans. And, there the fox is the thief.

If you're dependent on your own raised eggs or chickens, or you breed them for a 4-H Contest, then your tolerance may little.  And, if you had a real Hen House, and daily eggs and chickens to protect, your health or lifestyle could be compromised.

Pt 4 & 5:Theft by the bully, narcissist, Trump, Bannon, Priebus

This is what the Fox and the Narcissist now share: The are thieves in the Hen House; they take, and when something is stolen somebody suffers.

Of course, our fox is more the creature of nature, and if we wanted, we could place the fox in a healthy range wild land where he would again not be seen as the thief, but the small hunter that brings balance as nature needs.

But, the Human Fox, that thief, is known for all of history's massive genocides, rape / pillaging / depletion of gold and riches, whether the Narcissist Hannibal, Napoleon, Caesar, and thousands more.

In fact, this theft is so dramatic a part of this personality disorder and those who have or have had it, that it has caused mass translocation of riches, slavery of continents, and the greedy, selfish building of narcissistic empires.

Entitled to women as sex slaves
Entitled to servants
Entitled to gold, jewels, furs, tusks, living creatures
Entitled to children to produce future work forces

3. The Human fox is always the thief, even if hiding under some veil:

a wolf in sheep's clothing
a British Commander in uniform killing the Mau Maus
a church Bishop living the high life of foods, pleasures, theater, and pedophilia, hiding as the finger-pointing preacher under gold and silk robes

The Human Fox cannot be "put out to range" where it will be more acceptable. This Human Fox, actually has only theft as the final goal.

This is the Narcissistic Personality Disorder Person's "Super Goal": to take from others.

This is wired into the personality, and the brain. It is likely that this taking and theft of others only becomes more extreme over time, because Human Fox criminals become more skilled while at the same time, their brain dedicates more of the "brain power" or regions of the brain to this conning, deception, and final theft.

They don't get "better" in the sense of any other mental illnesses. This is "entrenched." They do get worse.

By other metaphoric titles, the same persons with the same traits have been called pirates, mobsters, gangsters, and from myth and movies, called vampires.

The clothing or garb of the NPD criminal then, is a veil to the truth, and a costume of distraction. Only what's inside can be trusted:

Does this person demonstrate real compassion, cry real tears, touch the hurting, help the poor, or do they do some of these things for show?

Indeed, Donald Trump has proven: he's really quite at home putting on an act or show....."Let me show you the bust of Martin Luther King or let me tell you how hurt the Jews are by recent threats.....and don't forget, I truly won the election by a grand margin, and am the people's choice."

4. It's their nature: it won't change. Ever. Get that: Ever

Many people in my area try to domesticate a fox, coyote, cougar, or even bear that they've habituated to stealing food from their backyard deck. These people mistake the wild creature's saunter, shyness, and hunger as some sort of human or domesticated animal's trait. But, this is not a shy dog or starving 12-year-old.  The behavior demonstrated is the natural and wild behavior of gathering food.

Many persons who do this, ultimately learn from a severe bite or shocking attack by a coyote, fox, or bear the truth:

"I'm only hunting here for food. If you get in the way, I'll do my best to kill you and escape with the food. You are at ALL times a threat.

You are at ALL times a threat....and if you stick your hand out with food on it, and I take your hand and the food back home....I scored at the Meat Buffet."

Despite the small size of the fox, it shares this trait fully with all wild creatures and the Uncaring for Humanity Narcissist: you're just meat. I'll bite you, chew you up, eat you if I can".

Point 4 then is: you're meat, I eat, and I am my nature of meat eater, and that will never change.

Point 5: If the fox is in the Hen House, then there're no eggs for you.

If something is stolen from the henhouse, or all eggs and hens are killed (which is an odd and aberrant behavior of animals and humans: sometimes, without reason there is a massacre perpetrated by a band of dogs, pack of wolves, a fox in the Hen House, or humans to without purpose, kill as much as can be done. A killing frenzy is not concluded until all prey have been killed:

Wolves in Yellowstone Park get into a killing frenzy at times, mass killing buffalo or other packs.

Tell 10 the 3 Danger Signs of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

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Pt 4 & 5:Theft by the bully, narcissist, Trump, Bannon, Priebus

Pt 4 & 5:Theft by the bully, narcissist, Trump, Bannon, Priebus

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