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Friday, February 24, 2017

Pt 3 Divide Conquer Rule Strategies of Donald Trump Bannon Priebus

Certainly, the rope is both historical threads and current threads. The fiber and the unities of the American people, committed to "Liberty and Justice for All", is being replaced via the tactics of Divide and Conquer and Rule, and these are the strategies of Bannon: he is in power and as primary strategist to guide the Divide, Conquer, Rule concept.
Did any of the recent presidents make headway in helping the people with health, environment, education, and quality of life? Of course. Why then remove these? Unraveling, a great unraveling, indeed, a take over of the American system, is needed to complete the Super Goal of the Narcissistic Personality Disorder. For more on this, check out this book below. Book 6 on NPD dangerous Narcissistic Personality Disorder will be released in May, which will cover in detail, the nature and methods of Bannon's Divide / Conquer / Rule Strategies.
Pt 3 Divide Conquer Rule Strategies of Donald Trump Bannon Priebus

Pt 3 Divide Conquer Rule Strategies of Donald Trump Bannon Priebus

Please post any other description ideas about what "unraveled rope" means in real life and symbolically. Have you ever had a rope unravel in seconds? Tell us your story. Have you had an experience where the strength of a rope was demonstrate? It's the nature of ropes: you put 10 threads together, and you have the strength of greater than the 10 threads alone: synergistic strength.

Tell the story here:

Coming: Divide, Conquer, Rule concepts of the great world history invasions is one method of the Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Minions, like Bannon, strategize this through many known methods of war for engagement of an enemy
2. methods in battle to divide and conquer them

Armies, dividing the enemy can more easily conquer:

and psychological warfare

1. disinformation, false information
2. lie building

The benefit of the psychological warfare is that you get the enemy to kill themselves, develop fear, develop confusion, and instead of you losing your personnel, you get the enemy engaged with what is called in Psychology (TA Transactional Analysis), the game of :

"Let's You and He have a fight."

In psychology, this is called a "psychological game" people play. Narcissists in your midst play this game with you ALWAYS. It's a given. But, this is really no game: if you fight with your sisters and your dad is the winner.....he gains more power and privelege than before. And, if this occurs where say a dangerous Narcissist pits Hollywood against Conservative actors, you get what occurred post World War 11: Stars and Movie Producers were taken to Communist Inquiries, gays government workers were fired as communists, and movie star was pitted against movie star. Those who had ever had a communist philosophy had careers destroyed. And, conservative Actor John Wayne, was nobody's real Cowboy hero when he formed the conservative Movie Rating agency that was a religious and anti-communist action, and had nothing to do originally with any ratings of movies. 

Pt 3 Divide Conquer Rule Strategies of Donald Trump Bannon Priebus

Pt 3 Divide Conquer Rule Strategies of Donald Trump Bannon Priebus

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